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Transition Away From DI2E: Standardize Your Development Environments with Atlassian

The Department of Defense began utilizing the Defense Intelligence Information Environment (DI2E) framework to address challenges in managing, accessing and controlling their vast software development pipelines.
However, as of October 1st, 2021, DI2E stopped accepting new project requests and it is unclear how much longer DI2E will continue operating in its current form.
Teams and agencies must now find alternative solutions to host sensitive projects and information while maintaining a high level of cross-functional communication.
Join Craeg Strong, Atlassian expert and Chief Technology Officer for Ariel Partners, online as he explores:
  • Best practices to improve your own development environments
  • Alternatives and next steps for agencies migrating away from DI2E
  • How Atlassian’s solutions can establish a consistent baseline for any development platform
Register today and schedule an Atlassian product demo to learn more about tactics for transitioning away from DI2E and their solutions to efficiently standardize  your development environments.

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2022 Events

Jira Intermediate Online Class (07/26-07/27)

In partnership with PMI, Ariel provides Jira fundamentals training. This training is targeted for team members and those in an oversight role for technology delivery and sustainment programs.  The hands-on training teaches students how to use Jira to manage and track their work in an immersive environment that simulates a large, diverse organization.  The course covers Jira fundamentals such as how to create and search for issues, as well as how to use popular Agile methods Scrum and Kanban while putting them in a practical context.  Thoughtfully configured and enhanced with a carefully curated set of plugins, the training highlights lessons learned and best practices, demonstrating how smooth and effortless Jira can be.

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2022 Events

August 22 - 26

Kanban Global Summit 2022
San Diego, CA

Now You See It! Observing Flow Using Kanban Boards Presentation at Kanban Global Summit 2022

“I didn’t know you could do that with Kanban!” This interactive workshop explores Kanban boards that can be used in diverse industries and at multiple levels of the organization. We will explore several interesting examples, including Kanban boards for managing non-IT knowledge work, facilitating multi-team coordination at scale, and even planning and communicating corporate strategy.

The workshop begins by exploring the ramifications of some alternative board designs, which will help participants learn to construct their own Kanban boards and improve the design of existing boards. Part two of the session challenges the attendees to construct a series of Kanban boards at progressively higher levels of abstraction. We will start out at the team level (“flight level” one), then scale up to multi-team (“flight level” two), and finally the portfolio level (“flight level” three). Using painter’s tape and sticky notes of all shapes, sizes and colors, we will gain an appreciation of how thoughtfully designed boards can help unlock true business agility.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand that kanban boards can be useful for coordinating efforts of and managing dependencies between multiple scrum teams
  • Think about using kanban to manage strategic efforts; understand the importance of limiting WIP at each level of abstraction (team, value steam, portfolio)
  • Systems thinking: Understand how well-performing teams can still be seen as non-responsive by business if they are allocated among multiple efforts
  • Systems thinking: Understand how a better performing team can actually reduce effectiveness in a large project by causing dependencies/inventory to pile up for other, slower teams
  • Understand some simple and effective ways agile methods can be applied throughout an organization, without requiring disruptive moves like adopting the Spotify model, or firing all middle managers
  • Understand concept of flight levels: level 1/team, level 2/value stream, level 3/strategy

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