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As a partner for critical IT initiatives, we bridge the traditional management consulting and IT consulting disciplines to combine business breadth with technical depth.

Business Process Re-engineering

Ariel Partners specialists help by analyzing the functions performed by your IT organization as a whole, and by mapping out specific processes in detail, using a publishable CASE tool, for broad collaboration among stakeholders. Our comprehensive functional analysis techniques help illuminate problem areas while identifying opportunities for new more efficient processes. Ariel consultants can help you design and implement improved processes that will have the desired affect on your work product and resources.

Due Diligence

Performing market evaluations, online research, and other forms of due diligence are key elements of the Ariel methodology. Ariel leverages its vast stores of experience to produce thorough analyses of the issues surrounding a proposed merger or acquisition. The Ariel evaluations cut right to the heart of the issues in the critical areas of people, process, and technology.

Ariel also assists organizations with the procurement of major systems in performing due diligence on the vendor. Some key questions Ariel will answer: Will the product satisfy the requirements of the organization? Will the vendor be there to support the product throughout the period of its amortization? Is the source code held in escrow for the customers? Are there outstanding claims against the vendor? What will it take to implement the vendor’s product in your organization? Let Ariel reduce your risk.

Organizational Realignment

Ariel helps identify an organization’s mission, examine its resources (human, economic and technical) and determine whether the assets can be retooled or replaced to accomplish the mission. Perhaps there is no clear line of sight to success. Often technology is not the key barrier. Frequently, technical shortcomings mask deeper problems: chaotic or self-defeating processes, poor funding models, and untrained or under-motivated personnel.

Ariel is experienced in overcoming these challenges by identifying organizational roles and responsibilities, designing and implementing productive IT processes, mentoring developers, and introducing tools and technologies that motivate developers and reduce unnecessary workload.

Impact Analysis

Ariel prepares specific, targeted reports that analyze risks and their potential effects. Risk avoidance need not be lengthy or costly. Most risks can be avoided or mitigated simply by adopting a forward-looking risk reduction process that includes proper planning and tracking practices together with simple but effective tools such as a Top 10 Risk List.


Ariel is experienced in the assessment of IT shops’ success in supporting their users. We can help your organization develop plans for closing gaps in needed services, for overcoming resource shortfalls, and for generally improving the organization’s ability to forecast and meet the requirements of its user constituency. Our assessments can support or include the development of an IT strategic plan.

Ariel can review your development shop’s capabilities against program requirements, both current and future. Assessments are a crucially important tool for ensuring the successful implementation of a new technology. Too often technology acquisitions turn out to be catastrophic failures. The causes range from lack of understanding of the system’s requirements to inadequate skills on the part of staff implementing and adopting the technology. A formal assessment identifies such shortfalls up front, thus avoiding costly problems later.

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Copyright 2023 Ariel Partners. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2023 Ariel Partners. All rights reserved.