Prepared to replace DI2E?

We have a solution to the most complex and challenging aspects of facilitating this transition

Ariel Partners is providing DevToolsOnline, the tools, training, and configuration solution for Federal Agencies that need to

  1. move off of DI2E,
  2. that require a DI2E-like environment, or
  3. that simply want to leverage the expertise, lessons learned, and best practices developed during 10 years of operating DI2E to improve their development environments.

The Defense Intelligence Information Enterprise (DI2E) framework is an online environment that was created to support software development, management, operations, communication, and collaboration for Federal Agencies within the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community.   DI2E makes available a set of popular DevSecOps and lifecycle management tools that are fully integrated, hardened, and managed so that Agencies can focus on the mission rather than infrastructure or tools.

The tools center around the Atlassian suite of products: Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket, enhanced with many popular open-source tools, including Jenkins, Nexus, SonarQube, Filesender, Discourse, and Rocket Chat.  The DI2E environment offers many features that make it ideal for classified environments, including completely isolated single-tenant environments for each customer, single sign-on, CAC/PIV integration, concurrent deployment to multi-impact level environments, and bi-directional cross-domain solutions within and between impact levels.

What you need to know about DI2E


Unfortunately, as of October 1, 2021, DI2E stopped accepting new project requests.  Further, it is unclear how much longer DI2E will continue to operate in its current form.   It is time for existing and prospective customers to seek an alternative solution.   We at Ariel Partners offer DevToolsOnline, a comprehensive set of products and services to help Agencies establish a consistent, baselined Development tool platform that can support a single department up to the entire Agency.

For Agencies that already have an Atlassian-based set of development tools, Ariel offers training courses that combine practical tool instruction with Agile concepts and practices to help an Agency get to the next level of Agile maturity.   For Agencies that require all the sophistication of a complete Agency-wide DI2E-like environment, Ariel has partnered with the original inventors of DI2E-devtools.  DevToolsOnline integrates several proprietary and open-source products out of the box, and it also supports customization, for example, to substitute BitBucket Pipelines for Jenkins or Swift Kanban for Jira.

DI2E was initially developed in 2012 by Octo Consulting Group[www.octo.us] to address challenges in managing, accessing, and controlling the Defense Intelligence Enterprise’s vast set of software development pipelines.   At the time, government contractors developed code in their factories, often not secured to DoD standards.   The software was built with proprietary code, and dependencies were often not delivered with the contract, causing vendor lock-in and increased costs to the government.  

Once they came online in 2012, DI2E-devtools provided a much-needed framework for many DoD and Intelligence Community efforts to control their software pipelines.  The solution offers secured repositories, managed build cycles, and automated security testing​.  In 2017, DI2E-DevTools transitioned to operate 100% on AWS GovCloud, allowing DoD to take advantage of a more reliable and secure cloud offering.  

A DI2E Alternative

Ariel’s DevToolsOnline offers a range of solutions that starts with a quick training and configuration JumpStart, continues with a comprehensive set of Agile, DevSecOps, Kubernetes, and Site Reliability Engineering training courses, hands-on coaching, and Atlassian configuration and customization support, and extends to a fully comprehensive, Agency-wide DI2E-like environment.

Although DI2E was originally developed long before Platform One (P1)[https://software.af.mil/team/platformone/ ] and Cloud One[https://cloudone.af.mil/#/ ] became available, the DevToolsOnline approach is still just as relevant today as it was in 2012, because it is architecture-agnostic, supporting a wide variety of both legacy and modern applications.  Instead of requiring a radical re-architecture up-front, the DevToolsOnline approach supports an Agency wherever they are today, offering immediate benefits and a path forward to realize even more significant improvements.

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