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Ariel Partners provides Agile/Lean Kanban coaching services, to help improve the efficiency, transparency, and predictability of an IT organization. Many organizations have started using agile methods and have seen some positive results. However, there often a sense that additional benefits can be gained through process improvement via a deeper and more rigorous application of Agile/Lean/Kanban principles. IT organizations want to increase the level of trust, transparency, and cooperation with the business staff for whom they provide services. They would like to catalyze a culture change away from a plan-directed, hands-off, waterfall approach in which IT is an “order taker” for the business, to a collaborative, agile approach in which the IT and business are active co-participants in the creation of value.

In particular, Ariel coaching services help an IT organization to:

  • Improve the predictability of its software delivery process,
  • Shorten delivery times for enhancements,
  • Reduce the large backlog of business requests,
  • Measure progress at a more granular level, so that it is more clear where and how progress is being made,
  • Highlight the existence and root causes of blockages, so that the business can understand their implications on value delivery,
  • Reduce the standard deviation in cycle time metrics as much as possible,
  • Deepen the level of knowledge regarding Lean Kanban and Agile principles among the IT teams,
  • Build agile development skills (such as user story creation and continuous improvement) for IT team members, and
  • Create a shared understanding around the Lean Kanban process within the IT teams and ultimately with the business.

By coaching and mentoring team members to apply Agile/Lean Kanban principles and engage in continuous improvement, Ariel Partners can help a company jump-start a “virtuous cycle” where small positive changes support additional small positive changes, ultimately leading to large improvements over time. For example, the IT organization may be able to establish service level objectives/service level agreements (SLO/SLA) with the business for all defects and enhancements.

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