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Guillaume Marceau will present his innovative solution to portfolio and resource management: firepower. With firepower, Guillaume is able to allocate multiple resources across dozens of ongoing parallel initiatives, while avoiding over-committing and preserving the ability to adjust each week. Firepower enables IT to provide full visibility into the way IT resources are being allocated, so we can be sure that what we are doing matches the strategic business goals. Firepower runs on top of JIRA, and incorporates daily statistics so we know what people _actually_ worked on as opposed to what we planned to work on. At BrightPower, firepower has transformed the conversation between business and IT, helping to set expectations and enable IT and business to engage in meaningful strategic dialog. Firepower sharpened everyone’s perception and enabled them to focus on the most important initiatives. It communicates in a simple and visceral way how our limited IT resources are deployed, and the fact that adding another active task has to be balanced with reducing efforts elsewhere or adding capability.

We are super excited to see Guillaume demonstrate this solution, because too many times we have seen and lived the alternatives.

It doesn’t matter how agile specific teams are if management keeps jamming too much work into the system, they will not be effective they will spend too much time task switching. Also it doesn’t matter how reliably and with quality teams deliver software; if the expectations of management are so far out of line, they will still be perceived as not delivering.

Speaker: Guillaume Marceau

Since 2017, Guillaume Marceau has managed the software development team at Bright Power. He has succeeded at transforming teams into high performance, joyful engineering cultures that develop ground-breaking high-tech software, correct their course based on new data, and ship on time.

Prior to joining Bright Power, Guillaume served in technical leadership for different high-tech startups in New York and San Francisco: at Body Labs, Inc, using deep learning and body models, at Stellar using an energy efficient blockchain algorithm, and at Sefaira deploying Scala to bring building energy analysis to scale. Guillaume received the Best-Paper Award from the Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education (SIGCSE) in 2011 and the Best-Paper Award from the Automated Software Engineering Journal in 2006. He participated in scientific research across many topics, ranging from securing the Linux kernel to bringing insights from signal processing to web programs, and on how to best teach programming.

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Copyright 2023 Ariel Partners. All rights reserved.